Woohoo, it’s Wednesday!

All right, structuring my time – still unemployed – hasn’t gone too well… I decided, that Wednesday should be The Big Computer-stuff  Day. Because it’s not a gym-day, basically. So I’m trying now to honor that decision, and writing a blog.

Things are good, though not as structured as I’d like.

The rainforest project has been paused for a while. Just ’till April or May. Oh, and I’m taking a Spanish class, starting in February. And, I’m meeting with a person from something called NatureTours tomorrow. But definitely not spending a whole lot of time and energy on the rainforest project at the moment.

Nope, the focus is, actually, the third project, the one I didn’t elaborate on, and then the art.

I’m drawing. I’m drawing a comic! Tomorrow I’ve actually made arrangements to hang out at a comics studio, and draw there, just as a guest. I really feel like… There’s this old Danish YA book-turned-to-film, called ‘Zappa’, where Mulle has to eat a black – as I recall – slug in order to join the club. I feel like I’ve eaten the slug, and have been let back into the club. This is just me being weird, of course, I was never “kicked out” of the Danish comics scene, I just haven’t contributed for years, and I’ve felt like and outsider, often joking at cons, that I’m only there “to drink beer with my friends”.
But I’ve scrapped my first inked page, and I’m so proud of myself! It totally needed more details!
The writing is… Well, after 50(!) pages of introductions, I’ve made to the joke that started it all. I feel some editing might be in order. But on the other hand, the comics I like to compare it to are all forever-running webcomics and comicstrips with not a lot of pacing between the strips/pages, so maybe it’s all right. But… Some editing still might be in order. I know where to go from here, I just haven’t started.

Now, to elaborate on that third project. I’m losing weight and getting in shape. This is happening, and it is so amazing. I am so amazed I can’t even use an exclamation mark.

Also, cello seems to be improving after all. Need to juggle more…

This weekend is for applying for funds. I’ve got my eye on three grants that I probably won’t get, but I definitely won’t, if I don’t apply.

And to end on a totally awesome note, or so I’ve heard, I’m catching ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri’ with my brother tonight 🙂


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