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I may have the most boring dayjob, I’ve ever had. ”Get an education”, I thought, ”Find some part-time job, that’s reasonably interesting”, I thought, ”And make some comics!”, I thought. I got the education. Found something – to me – completely amazing! Seeing as how I grew up playing in forests and fields, and I’ve always had physically demanding jobs, often out of doors, and been enjoying working with my hands since forever, my choice of education makes perfect sense. February this year, I graduated as forest and nature technician, full of hopes and dreams of working in nature. And the more realistic expectation of being unemployed for at least six months, what with me being a newly graduated woman in a classic male occupation.

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Didn’t work out that way. What happened was, I applied for one position, working in streams, and got offered another, mowing grass over the summer. And I accepted, and now I find myself in the most physically inactive job I ever had, that’s a fact! I’ve actually been counting down the days ’till my contract expires since the second month of working there. Stupid, I know, but, 40 days of work left.


So to keep myself sane – or whatever you’d want to call me – I listen to podcasts, mainly Gutter Talk from I thought that I could get the comic festival vibe, the inputs, the inspiration to make something great myself.

Didn’t work out that way. Mostly, I’ve been increasingly frustrated with my lack of energy to make comics in my spare time. See, it turns out that this extremely dull job leaves me completely drained at the end of the day, so when I get home, I just sit down and read, which isn’t the worst way to spend my time, but it’s not very productive.


Now, I want to say, that I had a breakthrough. I just got angry enough to do something. Write in spite. ”Stupid job, you can’t stop me!!”, something like that. I found some writing tools on the MakingComics website, the very basic tools, really. The 3 Act-model, combined with something someone said in one of the podcasts: ”A story is just somebody who wants something, but can’t immediately get it, because of some obstacle”. So I took out my most organised notes on my comic strip about drinking and fornication – there’s a LOT of very disorganised notes on that – and tried to apply The 3 Act-model to my story outline and at the same time figuring out, what it is my characters want, and why they can’t have it, and I feel a bit on a roll now! There’s the large 3 act picture, where I figured out, what it is they want, or think they want or whatever, then there’s the 3 acts themselves, that I also broke down into 3 acts and what is it they want in this part of the story and so on, down to the first scene. And probably down to each strip as well.

So yeah, the basic tools helped med a lot!


Now I feel like using them on some other comic projects. But first, I’ve taken a look at all my old notes, and scrapped a shit load of ideas and partly started things and that was a relief!

So now I’m down to The Comic Strip about Drinking and Fornication, The Superheroine Thing and The Kid’s Comic. And some loose ideas, that’s still just floating around and might settle or might just be forgotten or finding somebody else to make them, or however this works.

The podcast covers a lot of stuff, and I’ve been doing some thinking on how to use my blog, my twitter and my facebook… My twitter is very comic minded. I got it ’cause someone at the Thought Bubble festival told me to, so yeah. I haven’t used it a whole lot, but I keep meaning to? I’m thinking more pictures of the actual drawing process, now that I’m cursed with the SmartPhone. Might as well use it.

Facebook is Facebook, and I’m only friends with my friends at the moment, and I’ll probably keep it that way.

Now this blog. I like what I’m doing with this post. The more indepth look into the process. I kinda want a regular update schedule. Sunday seems like a good day.


One thought on “Making comics”

  1. Starting is always the hardest part. Have you checked out the Art & Story podcast, they get super in depth about comics. Although they called it quits a while back, there is still some great content in it.


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