International Women’s Day 2017

Glimpse of Meta and Hansa celebrating. Or something.

I had a busy day. I even ended up going home – for lack of better expression these days – early, but a lot of things were going on in Copenhagen! I decided on skipping the demo’s, and instead really hitting the workshops and lectures!

For starters, there was a talk about Alexandra Kollontai of whom I knew nothing until yesterday. Extremely interesting lady, and a reasonably good talk. I picked up a load of books from the library before going to this, but she’s definitely on my “to read”-list now.


Then I went on to an all-day event hosted by Renegade Runners. I got there just at the ending of a talk on Internet harassment and how to deal with that, if you’re a female public figure, getting bullied, harassed, threatened out of expressing your opinions online. Operation Lollipop is fairly old news, but fairly new to me – no surprise, though, cynicist that I’ve unfortunately become.

Then she went on to Activism Tactics, discussing ways of being actively working to change society, going over tactics like political pressure, corporate pressure, raising awareness, volunteering and so on, with plenty of examples.

We were asked to think of the one thing, we’d really want to change in the world, and I of course – me still being an idealist – went straight to the source, inequality in general. But if I had to be a bit specific, the inequality between rich and poor… Think big!


Haven’t really figured out how, but at Enhedslistens event, I picked up a flyer about this, so it seems we already have a committee focusing on this, I’ll join that.

Apart from that, there was a workshop on making the 30 hour work week happen. I’m all for it! But I must admit, that it didn’t seem particularly like a female struggle, just the regular ol’ working class.




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