My trailer

Some time back – spring 2015, I think – I bought a trailer. Or mobile utility shed. Or old Swedish military kitchen wagon. This trailer is a marvel to me. I lived in it next to a house in a forest for 5 months or so, and it was the best place, I ever lived. This was of course also due to the lovely people living in the house. I really want to live like that again.

Since September 2015, the trailer has been vacant. And moved. And at one point, a friend – the carpenter – and I emptied it. In a month’s time, my exile in Western Jutland will end and I will most like be unemployed. So plans and dreams and inspirations for the refurbishing of the trailer are running wild through my imagination and when I shared some of these with a friend, she was all: “Yeah! It’ll be ready come summer!”

I though that was rather ambitious… But then again, maybe it isn’t.

This is mostly a list for myself:

  1. Get advice on the added insulation
  2. Fix door and windows
  3. Add insulation (big job, gotta loosen all the internal coverings)
  4. Paint
  5. Floor?
  6. Where to put the car batteries?
  7. Furnish

I might add some pictures of the marvel today.


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