24+ hour comic

I went and made this year’s – I didn’t actually participate in ’14 and ’15 – some weeks before the official date, because The Animation Workshop decided to throw an alumni party that day. The Animation Workshop, which offers a bachelor in Graphic Storytelling. Comics. Let’s just let that hang there for a bit.


Anyway, some conversations the week before I went and did my 24+ hour comic, led to the idea, that I should do some of my strangest but true stories in two pages of comic each.

I didn’t finish in time. But I finished.

Anyway, her they are:

When I got my glasses


The Clairvoyant Prostitute


My brief career in stalking


Bonding over Fritz the Cat


The Sockless Homeless


Tits and Ass


The Homeles with the mouth ulcer


Little boy lost


Eating Cake


Changing in the Metro


My Tinder Date


Three Punches Inna Face


…apparently, my parents never taught me not to talk to strangers. But, what happened to me man? I used to be cool!


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